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Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine

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Quick Overview

Using a unique water flywheel and specially formulated paddel to simulate rowing in the water is the reason waterrowers have become the number 1 choice for cardio exercise around the world. If you have injuries, the waterrower is perfect for reducing the jerkiness on joints which air rowers create not to mention the close together foot plates which align your hips knees and ankles correctly to provide the perfect natural gate.The question is always water or air... its simple, if you want an exercise for cardio lasting more than 10 min which is enjoyable for any age or intensity then the waterrower is for you. If you rather a hard 5 minute workout for strength based activity then you may prefer an air rower however i would still consider water. From our experience waterrower is the number one selling rower in the industry and most enjoyed giving great results.

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Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine (Australia's Most Popular)

Made of American Black Walnut and the most popular choice of the waterrower wood types (can be found on the show House Of Cards). Lets face it there arent many products made in the US anymore which are hand crafted. The waterrower classic stands on its end for great space saving purposes and looks perfect in any home lounge room mixing with internal decor. The sound of water has a serene effect whilst exercising and becomes quite enjoyable, taking away the stress and hassle of exercise. If you have little ones sleeping, dont worry the waterrower will not wake your baby like other rowing machines with large noisy fans. Come in store to see what the fuss is about and let us educate you on the benifits rowing with waterrower.

Why Water?

  • Why Rowing? Its the best form of exercise workign 85% of your muscles and increases core stregth at the same time.
  • Low impact exercise for any injured user or any age group from 5yrs to 99yrs
  • Instant resistence which is fluent and smooth and sounds amazing
  • No jerking or jarring like air rowers
  • Self regulating resistence which means the harder you row the more effort required and harder the resitence. Its simple you dont need and adjustment knob when you can change it by varying your stroke like  your on the water
  • Smooth connection which dapens any mechanical feel
  • Even Stroke 
  • Easier to last longer periods of exercise yet burning the same amount of calories compared to other rowers.
  • Natural stroke and correct bio mechanics to reducs back injuries and strgthen the core
  • S4 workout monitor which can save data and set programs
  • Optional extras include online racing program software, heart rate monitors, covers, Extended foot risers, wider 17 inch handle
  • 3 Years Parts Warranty


Additional Information

Suits Buyers Commercial, Entry Level, High End, Mid Range
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