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Cable Attachments

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  1. Single Steel Handle

    The Single Steel Handle attachement will attach to any cable machine.

    A one peice steel construction for extra strength and heavy load rating, used in conjustion with a cable machine allowig for a wide variety of movements.

  2. Tricep Rope Attachment

  3. Chin Triangle Rubber with Swivel

    This triangle handle attachment is for those who are getting serious about training for strength or size. Made to go with any machine with a cable attachment option for close grip rows and pull downs

  4. Tricep Pressdown Bar

    The Tricep Pressdown bar can be fitted to any cable machine. The bar is a solid steel construction allowing for heavier pressdowns and an alternative to using a tricep rope.

  5. Straight Bar Attachment

    Solid straight bar attachment can be used on any cable machine.

    Solid steel construction, knurled grip & rotating connection

Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)