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Weight Machines & Strength Training Equipment

Today, weight machines make up the core of many strength training programs. To get the optimal results from your strength program, you need to have the very best strength training equipment in your fitness centre. Here at the Southern X Fitness store, we take care to provide you with all the best weight machines and workout equipment - we have many different types of strength training equipment available to choose from.

One of the most important parts of a strength training plan is to keep your form correct during your workouts. Southern X’s premium quality weight machines keep your form locked into the best position as you go through the exercise. If gym owners can provide a few weight machines for each core muscle group, their fitness centre will be well on the way to being fully outfitted. Proper strength training equipment will also help you stay safe. There are many failsafes built into most systems that help you to work out without injuring yourself. With free-weights you can risk injuring yourself with an improperly done exercise - this almost never happens with professional strength training equipment. So protect yourself and everybody using the equipment, and invest in the best.

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  1. Rappd Chalk Ball

    Rappd Chalk Ball 

    Say goodbye to messy chalk! An essential for every gym bag or gym floor.

    Perfect for providing grip for weightlifting, functional training and gymnastics movements. 

    - Refillable ball 

    - Comes filled with highest quality chalk 

    - Eliminates mess

    - Provides excellent grip 


    Directions – Dab your hands with chalk ball.  Wash hands after use and moisturise.

    Ingredients – Magnesium Carbonate

  2. Single Steel Handle

    The Single Steel Handle attachement will attach to any cable machine.

    A one peice steel construction for extra strength and heavy load rating, used in conjustion with a cable machine allowig for a wide variety of movements.

  3. Tricep Rope Attachment

  4. Chin Triangle Rubber with Swivel

    This triangle handle attachment is for those who are getting serious about training for strength or size. Made to go with any machine with a cable attachment option for close grip rows and pull downs

  5. Tricep Pressdown Bar

    The Tricep Pressdown bar can be fitted to any cable machine. The bar is a solid steel construction allowing for heavier pressdowns and an alternative to using a tricep rope.

  6. Straight Bar Attachment

    Solid straight bar attachment can be used on any cable machine.

    Solid steel construction, knurled grip & rotating connection


    he Force USA MyRack Standard J-Hook is essential for all power racks, the standard J-Hook is made from 8mm steel with solid pin rods and has a weight rating of of 450kg (static tested).


    The Multi Grip Chin-up Bar is bolted flush to the support brackets, so there is no movement and with a solid fixture it can take up to 400kg/880lbs in weight.

    The Force USA MyRack Deluxe J-Hook is an upgrade from the Standard J-Hook also available. The Deluxe version is a bulky and stronger J-Hook, weight rated to 600kg (static tested).

  10. LFID Adjustable Bench LFID Adjustable Bench

    LFID Adjustable Bench

    The L FID Bench's new improved design is the most compact adjustable bench on the market.  Train & workout at home and fold away your bench without any effort.  Even store it under the bed.

    Regular Price: $149.99

    Special Price $99.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 104 total

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