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TRX Suspension Trainer PRO Pack

Designed to be used by beginners or experts to help build overall strength using only your bodyweight

Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell


Kettlebells are one of the most versatile and effective tools for building strength, endurance and functional fitness.
Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells have a strong and durable design with a comfortable handle. They are coated in a premium vinyl coating to maximise durability.

Available from 4kg to 24kg 

Competition Grade Kettlebell


Competition Grade Kettlebells are used in many commerical and crossfit facilites. These kettlebells are preferred becaused the kettlebell is the same size no matter what the weight. Competitoon Grade Kettlebells have an extra wide handle making them comfortable and easily utilized for all movements. 

Made from steel

Available in sizes 8kg-32kg 

Slam Ball


These Slam Balls are extremely durable and tested to over 3000lbs of pressure. Slam Balls are versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises. Textured shell allows for excellent grip for catching and throwing.
Slam balls are a staple for functional/endurance and cardio training.

Wall Balls


Weighted wall ball with a layered foam filling and leather cover. 

Designed to be used for cross training, cardio and endurance exercises. 

Supplied to various commerical and crossfit facilities due to there high quality and durablility.

Diameter of approx. 14inchs 

SX Fitness PVC Gym Rings

23.5cm ring diameter, black PVC sold as a pair. Maximum weight support of 500kg, each strap 6m long.
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Items 1 to 10 of 21 total
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