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Functional Training & Functional Fitness Sydney

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Functional Fitness

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  1. Slam Balls / Dead Balls

    These Slam Balls are extremely durable and tested to over 3000lbs of pressure. Slam Balls are versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises. Textured shell allows for excellent grip for catching and throwing.
    Slam balls are a staple for functional/endurance and cardio training.

  2. Wall Balls

    Weighted wall ball with a layered foam filling and leather cover. 

    Designed to be used for cross training, cardio and endurance exercises. 

    Supplied to various commerical and crossfit facilities due to there high quality and durablility.

    Diameter of approx. 14inchs 

  3. Commercial Medicine Ball

    Commercial pro rubber medicine ball.

    High quality rubber to ensure maximum durability.

    Designed to bounce and be slammed on indoor surfaces only (no concrete)

    6 Months warranty

  4. Xfit Speed Rope

    Light weight speed rope perfect for crosstraining and functional fitness.

    Ball bearings for a fast spin.

    Strong durable plastic handles 

    Adjustable for each user 

  5. Viper Speed Rope

    Speed rope suitable for crosstraining and functional fitness

    Balanced aluminium handle 

    15cm handle length

    11 foot rope length

    Adjustable for each user

    Ball bearings to generate maximum speed 

  6. JAW Grips

    The #1 Rated Top Selling Hand Grip

    JAW Pull up grips are perfect for crosstraining, crossfit and functional fitness.

    These top quality fabric pull up grips are handmade in AUS using premium materials.

    They are designed to move with you giving you full flexibility and mobility while protecting you hands from ripping and chaffing.

    JAW grips are made with soft and durable hand stitched fabric and are comfortable enough to use during your entire workout.

    JAW grips are extremely durable and can be used with chalk for added grip. 

    These grips are perfect for pullups and all kipping exercises such as toes to bar and muscles ups, as well as working extremely well for weightlifting, kettlebell and dumbell exercises. 

  7. Gym Chalk Box of 8 Blocks

    Gym Chalk

    High qaulity magnesium carbonate gym chalk reduces the moisture on your hands which improves your grip during exercises such as weightlifting, gymnastics, pullups, kettlbell and dumbbell exercises. 

    Box of 8 blocks - each block is 60g

  8. SCF Weighted Vest 30kg

    *SCF Weighted Vest

    *Adjustable weight

    *Extra double velcro straps 

    *Soft padding comfortabe fit for all sizes

    *Optional camo/black colour variant

    *high quality weight blocks scratch resistant

    *Durable weighted paint 

  9. Rappd Crossfit Pull up Grip

    Rappd crossfit grips are designed to provide grip and hand protection during gymnastics/ functional training exercises. 

    - Wide coverage of palm

    - Heavy duty fabric and stitching 

    - Three finger loops for secure fit

    - 2.5inch wrist loop for support

    - Provides grip and hand protection 

    - Chalk can still be applied 

Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 30 total

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