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Are you looking to boost your aerobic capacity? Do you want better control over your cardio workouts? Treadmills are a great way to complete your cardio training indoors, whilst accurately monitoring your progress as you work out. 

At Southern Cross Fitness, we provide our clients with high quality cardio equipment that we would be happy to train on ourselves. Treadmills nowadays have become a standard piece of equipment in gyms across the country, and many people are now looking to buy a treadmill for use at home as well. We supply quality equipment to both private and commercial clients across the country, delivering to Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and most other parts of Australia.

Treadmills are popular with both professional and amateur athletes, because they provide an efficient, straightforward cardio workout with plenty of scope to monitor progress. Most machines provide automatic workout settings, can keep track of the number of calories burnt, and also monitor your heart rate – ensuring you are getting the maximum benefit from your workout. Call us for expert advice on which brands and treadmills are more suited to your individual needs. With so many options available it is very important in choosing one which is supportive on the joints, is high quality and has back up and support for years to come. With so many brands coming and going in the Australian market, we try and test the brands we support and have 11 years experience in trialling products. We will only sell the best and value for money whether its commercial or domestic use.

Are you ready to buy a treadmill? Whether you are from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, or from any other place within Australia, Southern Cross Fitness can deliver to your door.

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Quick View Bodyworx Chicago Treadmill

Bodyworx Chicago Treadmill

Regular Price: $999.00

Special Price $899.00

The Bodyworx Chicago Treadmill is the perfect entry level treadmill for the avid walker and light jogger.

Featuring automatic incline, speed adjustment ranging from 1.0km/h to 14 km/h, easy to read 5" LCD display and Mp3 music player.


Easy folding mechanism for storage, wheels to move around your home and a compact quality treadmill when in use. 

The Bodyworx Chicago Treamdmill will feel right at home in any room of your house and help make your fitness goals a reality.

Quick View Horizon Adventure CS Treadmill

Horizon Adventure CS Treadmill

Regular Price: $1,499.00

Special Price $1,199.00

The Horizon Adventure CS Treadmill recently replaced the Adventure 1 Treadmill in 2016 and has fast become the preferred entry level machine for home use in Australia. With excellent cushioning support for those who walk or run being one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a treadmill for your home gym. With a digital drive 1.75hp continuous motor this compares to a 3hp in most other brands making it super strong and durable for any workout. Functions are simple on this machine with focus more on the quality rather than fans and iPods. With speeds of up to 18klm hour the CS Treadmill suits those runners on a strict budget or for walkers who simply want quality and longevity. Lets face it Horizon is one of the most preferred brands when it comes to fitness equipment in Australia with great after sales service and high quality electronics warranties of 3 years. The Horizon CL Treadmill offers the passport system capability for an extra $100

Quick View Horizon Citta TT5.0 Treadmill (Desk Optional)

Horizon Citta TT5.0 Treadmill (Desk Optional)

Regular Price: $1,499.00

Special Price $1,199.20

"Stylish Design for your home"

  • Removeable desk option
  • Hydraulic easy fold
  • Walk or run whilst using your laptop or Ipad
  • Multi programmable 
  • ViewFit APP WIFI (Upload your Goals and workout to all fitness apps)
  • 3 Years Parts Warranty

Horizon have designed a remarkable piece of equipment for today busy lifestyle. Multitask with the Horizon Citta TT5.0 Treadmill with optional Desk, so you, can watch Utube, have a scroll on Facebook, or simply check your emails on your iPad at home.... whilst burning calories. 

Quick View Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill

Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill

Regular Price: $1,799.00

Special Price $1,619.10

The Horizon Adventure 3 Plus Treadmill is an extremely robust, reliable and durable treadmill. It allows users to listen to music through its speakers, or take full advantage of the soft Flextech cushioning system during their workout. The Adventure 3 Plus is engineered with a full-sized running deck and a number of features that make it one of the best deals available in the treadmill market.

Quick View FreeForm F80 Treadmill

FreeForm F80 Treadmill

Regular Price: $1,999.00

Special Price $1,799.00

The FreeForm F80 offers a great quality treadmill at and affordable price. 

One touch, easy to use speed controls can go up to 20km per hour, powered by a High Torque 3 HP motor. The F80 has 15 levels of incline and preset programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Its easy fold design makes this treadmill easy and convenient to store and the large running surface makes it comfortable to use weather your walking,running or sprinting. With a large 160kg user capacity you can rest assured that this treadmill is of high quality and durable. The F80 also offers Freeflex Precision Cushioning, relieving any unnessary impact on your joints and making it feel great underfoot. Freeform F80 uses a 2ply Ortho Tread Belt which is specially designed for superior performance. 

The F80 is a great quality all round treadmill, utilising modern technology and traditional treadmill features to deliver quick, convenient and hassle free workouts for every user. 

Quick View Spirit XT285 Treadmill

Spirit XT285 Treadmill

Regular Price: $3,799.00

Special Price $2,799.00

Spirit Fitness Treadmill

Spirit Fitness offers gym quality treadmills at an affordable price. The Spirit XT285 adds two heart rate programs, an audio jack for digital music listening, and a deck that is 1/4" thicker to accommodate runners and higher weight capacities. This model is very appealing to someone that walks and is at a transitional stage to running. 

Quick View Sole F65 Treadmill

Sole F65 Treadmill

Regular Price: $3,499.00

Special Price $2,799.20

Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill The Sole F65 treadmill was introduced into the market for walkers and runners alike. Boasting huge power and deck size this treadmill is one of our stores best sellers. Sole Was first introduced into the market over 30 years ago for Hilton Hotles as a hire treadmill, therfor they were contructed to be super strong and versatile for various and heavy use. Sole is known for its deck and frame stregth unlike its competitors, Sole treadmill have extra reinforcement under the deck. In a nutshell mother brand simply have a rubber cushioned pad which sit in between the side fram rail and the deck to provide cushioning. Sole have metal supports under neath the deck which are fixed to the side rail frame which hold the cushioing pad. This in effect stops twisting of the deck and machine with running and heavy use. Sole isnt designed with many plastic parts, the hand rails are full steel supports which reduces those creaky noises after time like many of its competitors (Nordictrack have problems with) If you want a treadmill which will last 10-15 years with minimal problems, minimal noises over time, easy to use features and superior cushoining systems then you wont be dissapointed with SOLE treadmills. We sell many brands, our customers shop around and always come back to SOLE
Quick View Sole F63 Treadmill

Sole F63 Treadmill

Regular Price: $3,799.00

Special Price $2,999.00

Sole Treadmills are made for performance. Having been proven in the daily rigorous hotel environment, Sole Treadmills have the high quality feel you would find at the gym, in a treadmill for your home. The Sole F63 has been upgraded with 3.0CHP, large 6.5”LCD Display, & large 152 x 51cm running deck.

Quick View Sole F80 Treadmill

Sole F80 Treadmill

Regular Price: $3,999.00

Special Price $3,199.20

Sole Treadmills are made for performance. Having been proven in the daily rigorous hotel environment, Sole Treadmills have the high quality feel you would find at the gym, in a treadmill for your home. The Sole F80 features a powerful 3.5CHP motor, larger 7.5” LCD,  & adds aluminium side rails, along with a wider 56 x 152 cm running deck.

Quick View Matrix Fitness TF30 Treadmill XR Console

Matrix Fitness TF30 Treadmill XR Console

Regular Price: $3,799.00

Special Price $3,419.10

Matrix Fitness Treadmills are designed for th Ultimate Run.

Matrix Fitness is currently the fastest growing commercial fitness brand in the world and has developed the premium domestic range of treadmills to allow the user to bring the gym home.

Matrix Fitness Treadmills offers the same Ultimate Deck system found in thier commercial grade treadmills including a heavy duty steel frame, industrial grade cushioning, combine these features with the exclusive Johnson Drive Motor System that re calibrates the users stride with each footfall.

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