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Are you looking for high quality fitness equipment and accessories? Southern Cross Fitness has all your sports and fitness related needs covered with our wide range of accessories. We stock accessories designed to enhance your workout and also help you achieve your fitness goals. Our collection includes the ever-popular NordicTrack range of fitness equipment, and we can deliver all products to Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, as well as most other parts of the country. 

NordicTrack equipment is known all over the globe as high quality sports equipment that is easy to use, runs smoothly and is built to last. Their state of the art skiing machines and incline trainers made this company a global hit back in the 1990s, and they have since continued to produce some of the world’s most innovative equipment. The secret to their success lies in their design that provides you with that “real-feel” of skiing, climbing or cycling when training on one of their machines. Fitness buffs and serious athletes across the globe know that NordicTrack fitness equipment is at the forefront of the industry, delivering superior results.

One of our best sellers, the iFit takes cardio training to the next level. Cardio is no longer about heading out for a run around the block; thanks to technological advancements, it has evolved to become far more motivating and interactive. A revolutionary fitness platform, the iFit connects you and your NordicTrack machine with interactive training tools that track and plan your workouts. Create a workout using Google Maps, view stunning scenery from around the globe, share your progress with friends – it’s all possible with iFit. In addition to NordicTrack products, we also sell a range of accessories from other well-known brands. Similar to the iFit, Vision Fitness’ Passport Media Player allows you to traverse famous routes from abroad, all from the comfort of your own lounge room. 

Whether you are looking to add variety to your workout, boost your motivation levels or better utilise existing equipment, we have cardio accessories that will help you achieve your goals. Should you have any further questions regarding our range of products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today. We deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and most other parts of Australia.



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JAW Pull Up Grips


The #1 Rated Top Selling Hand Grip

JAW Pull up grips are perfect for crosstraining, crossfit and functional fitness.

These top quality fabric pull up grips are handmade in AUS using premium materials.

They are designed to move with you giving you full flexibility and mobility while protecting you hands from ripping and chaffing.

JAW grips are made with soft and durable hand stitched fabric and are comfortable enough to use during your entire workout.

JAW grips are extremely durable and can be used with chalk for added grip. 

These grips are perfect for pullups and all kipping exercises such as toes to bar and muscles ups, as well as working extremely well for weightlifting, kettlebell and dumbell exercises. 

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