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Boxing Training Equipment & Boxing Gear 

Boxing is a complete full-body workout all packed into a high-intensity session. For example, you can spend days doing sit ups to try and get your six pack abs, or instead just box with a partner regularly. Which sounds like more fun? Most people choose boxing. The path to getting the most out of your boxing workout is to have the highest quality boxing training equipment and boxing gear on the market - this is where Southern X can help!

When boxing, it is important to have the proper boxing gear and equipment. Boxing equipment includes everything from the gloves to your punching bag or dummy so make sure not to skimp on the essentials. Once you invest in a full set of boxing training equipment, you can get started with new and exciting boxing training programs. Eventually, after practicing with the boxing equipment for a while, you will be ready to spar with other boxers. This is a great way to burn some calories fast while lost in the fun of the competition.

For safety, it is important that each participant has complete protection during any boxing training. Be sure to get a full set of boxing gear for however many people you plan to have boxing at a time. So don’t waste your time, get started with some quality boxing training equipment from Southern Cross Fitness today.

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Boxing / MMA

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  1. Punch Cotton Inners

    The Urban Cotton Inners are a thin cotton glove that is worn inside boxing gloves, MMA gloves or any type of glove to absorb any sweat.

    They’re available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

  2. Punch 4mtr Urban Hand Wraps

    • Length: 400cm (4m)
    • Colours: Red, Black, Purple, Blue, Green
    • Size: Small
    • Cotton elastic stretch wrap
    • 2 wraps per pack
    • No scratch blind velcro
    • Hand wrapping instructions included
  3. Urban Quickwraps

    *Urban Quickwraps

    *Easily slide on and off

    *Strech velcro wrist straps 

    *Strech material 

  4. Sting Elasticised Quick Wraps

    Sting Logo


    Quick alternative to traditional hand wraps  

    Semi-elasticised compression material for comfort and support 

    Padded knuckles and covered velcro for extra protection  

    Expandable finger sections for greater flexibility  

  5. Punch Junior Boxing Gloves 6oz

    *Punch Junior Gloves 6oz

    *Made for sparring 

    *Designed with added thumb support for safety

    *Made to last 2 year warranty (Excludes wear and tear)

    *True to weight

  6. Punch Urban MMA Gloves

    *Punch Urban MMA Gloves
    *Open palm design ideal for all styles of MMA training
    *Great knuckle padding
    *perfect for striking and grappling

  7. Punch Pro Bag Busters Commercial Bag Mitt

    The Pro Bag Buster Bag Mitt has upgrades from the normal Bag Buster such as a 3 inch elastic stretch wrist band that closes tightly around the wrist. An attached thumb and a semi-padded thumb make it like wearing a boxing glove without the bulk!
    It has a fully injected mould inside that is 4cm deep. This bag mitt gives you virtually the same protection as a boxing glove

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Items 1 to 10 of 31 total

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