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Lifting Straps

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  1. Morgan Loop & Tail Weightlifting Straps

    Morgan Loop and Tail Weightlifting Straps 

    Heavy duty - 100% cotton weightlifting straps 

    Neoprene padded wrist for added comfort

    Improves grip during heavy lifts and protects your hands 

    Helps to stop the bar slipping in your hands during heavy lifts 

    Can be used with any weightlifting barbell or dumbbells 

  2. Morgan Figure 8 Weightlifting Straps

    Morgan Figure 8 Weightlifting Straps 

    Heavy duty - 100% Cotton weightlifting straps 

    Neoprene wrist pad for added comfort

    Enhances grip during heavy lifts

    Ideal for use on any barbell or dumbbell

  3. Rappd Loop & Tail Weightlifting Straps

    Rappd Loop & Tail Weightlifting Straps 

    Durable - 100% Cotton Weightlifting Straps 

    Neoprene wrist padd for added comfort 

    Designed in Australia 

    Enhance your grip during heavy lifts 

    Prevents the bar from slipping out of your hand during heavy lifts 

    Takes the load off your forearms and grip so you can better focus on the target muscle

    Ideal for use on all barbells and dumbbells 

  4. Sting Power Pro Lifting Straps

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    Extra wide neoprene padding for maximum comfort  

    Heavy duty nylon/acrylic webbing for grip and durability  

    Wide  wrist strap for increased grip and support 

    Reinforced wrist cuff with oversized webbing  

    Hook and loop closure for easy fastening and adjustment  

    Stainless steel buckle  

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4 Item(s)