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Foam Rollers

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  1. RockSauce ICE

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    So cold you’ll want to put on a parka. Do you love the feeling of ice on an injury? Get the same strong chill from RockSauce Ice! RockSauce Ice contains a strong 6% menthol to provide a powerfully icy cooling sensation.

    RockSauce Ice also contains Arnica, Green Tea and Aloe. 

  2. Foam Massage Roller

    This high density foam masage roller is used for self massage & releasing tension & tight muscles. 

    This roller can be used to release and massage muscles such as -

    - Glutes 

    - Quads 

    - ITB

    - Back 

    - Hamstring 

    Available in various lengths 

  3. SCF EVA 36" Foam Roller

    SCF EVA High Density Foam Roller - Designed to hold its shape - High density foam - 90cm length Perfect for releasing tight muscles, whole body massage, mobility exercises, reducing post workout soreness.

  4. Rock N Roller - Massage Roller

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    Not just a foam roller. A comprehensive mobility tool.

    The RockNRoller has been designed with “fascial fingers” to assist in releasing tight tissue.

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4 Item(s)