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Southern Cross Fitness stocks hundreds of gym accessories to meet any training needs that you might have. Our fitness accessories include everything from simple weight clips to extra workout safety gear. We strive to provide you with the highest quality gym accessories no matter what your choice of keep fit method or technique may be.

If other people are using your gym, you will want plenty of extra weights, bars, curling benches, and so forth, so make sure you are well prepared. If you have already invested thousands of dollars into your gym equipment, then be sure not to forget about the importance of simple fitness accessories also. These small accessories can make all the difference to someone's training session.

No matter how inconsequential it may seem, don’t be afraid to go overboard on your gym accessories. It is the little things like this that can really make your gym stand out from the crowd. If you have everything on hand that you need to make getting in shape fun and easy, your workout is more likely to be a success and have you looking forward to the next session with positive anticipation.

Southern X Fitness is the only place to need to find all the gym and fitness accessories you’re looking for - whether it’s just for you or you’re stocking an entire gym, we are confident that we have the capability to suit your needs - visit our site today!

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TRX Suspension Trainer PRO Pack

Designed to be used by beginners or experts to help build overall strength using only your bodyweight

SX Fitness PVC Gym Rings

23.5cm ring diameter, black PVC sold as a pair. Maximum weight support of 500kg, each strap 6m long.

Push Up Bars


Non slip foam rubber hand grips with a non skid base to eliminate movement and protects the floor. Sold as a pair.

Perfect Push Up Bars

Rotating pushup handles allow for greater depth, moves with the natural rotation of your arms, engage more muscles and reduce joint strain

Paralette Bars

38mm diameter tubing with rubber, Ideal for indoor and outdoor bodyweight training. Sold as pair

Manta Ray Barbell Pad

The Manta Ray Barbell Pad allows the barbell to sit more securely on your shoulder and relives pressure from having the load spread evenly
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